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Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                       Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of the school day?
The school day begins at 8:30a.m. and ends at 3:10 p.m. The tardy bell rings at 8:30. Loading of buses begin at 3:10.

Where can I park?
Parking is available in the northeast parking lot. You can also park before and after school in the north portion of the drive.

What time can I drop off my child in the morning?
Students may be dropped off at the main doors on the north side of the building beginning at 7:45 a.m. until 8:30 a.m. After that time, they will have to push the door bell and be buzzed in. They will then need to go into the office as they will need to be signed in because they are counted as tardy.

What time will my child each lunch?
Lunch periods are 20 minutes in length with a 20 minute recess. There are 10 minutes of talk time and 10 minutes of quiet time. After this policy was put in place over 5 years ago, student focused on eating during the 10 minutes of quiet time instead of leaving much food behind because they focused on talking instead of eating.

Where will recess take place?

The kindergarten and first graders have recess in the south playground and the second and third grade students have recess in the north playground.

Can they play in the snow at recess?
Students who bring snow pants, boots, and gloves may play in the snow at recess. There is no throwing of snowballs.

How does the lunch program work at PES?
Students have the opportunity to purchase a daily lunch at PES. The lunch menu is sent home each month and is also available on the school's website. Students will order their lunch each day in their classroom. Each students has an ID card which they take with them to lunch if they ordered a school lunch or will be purchasing a milk to go with their sack lunch from home. The money is then directly debited from their lunch account. The account balance can be found online in the child's Power School account. A deposit can be made through the district website or by sending a check into the school office. If paying by check, please include your child's name, teacher, and amount being deposited in the sealed envelope.

How can we celebrate my child's birthday at PES?

Birthdays are important; however, due to food allergies, birthday treats are not permitted. Students are welcome to celebrate their birthday by bringing in small items such as pencils or bookmarks. Other suggestions are to donate an item to the classroom in honor of your child's birthday or send in something for the class to sign (t-shirt, stuffed animal, memory book, etc.) for your child. Students will be recognized at school on their birthday.

How do I pick my child up from school during the day?
Please send a note to inform us that you will be picking your child up from school. If you are picking up your child between the hours of 8:30 and 3:10, you will need to park in the north parking lot if the front drive is closed and come in to the school office and sign your child out. The student will be called from their classroom at that time. 

How do I pick my child up after school?

If you plan to pick your child up on a regular basis (every day, every Monday, every Tuesday and Thursday, etc.) you may stop in to the school office to complete a form in which you state the authorized drivers; you will receive two car tags: one for your car and another for a second car (spouse or other authorized driver). The tag must be visible on the passenger side visor for you to use this service. If someone will be picking your child up who does not have a car tag, they will need to park in the northeast parking lot and meet your child at the walker doors. They must all be prepared to show an ID. Please make sure that you have notified the office that someone other than you or a family member will be picking them up after school. Parents must wait until the buses depart - approximately 3:15 before the front entrance is opened to car traffic. Enter from the west end of the front drive, pull forward to the pickup zone and your child will be sent out to you. Please do not get out of your car. If your child will be walking home they will exit from the northeast doors. Any child in grades K-2 must be escorted home by an older sibling or adult.

What if my child is sick?

Please call the school office by 9:00 a.m. to notify us that your child will not be at school. If leaving a message, please state the child's name, the teacher's name and the specific reason for absence. If you wish to pick up homework, please let us the office know. Homework is not available until the end of the school day.